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About O-LEVEL system:

Those students who completes their O’LEVEL are considered as they have completed the formal education and so are awarded with final certificate of secondary school. Doing O’LEVEL provides students with excellent preparations for future academic and career advancement. So  if you are an O LEVEL student and need want to hire best Lahore O’Level home tutor for your help and guidance, contact MJ HOME TUTOR ACADEMY IN LAHORE @ 03473343237. So, we will provide you with the best male and female Lahore O’Level home tutors who will keenly observe you and guide you according to your weaknesses and will polish your skills.

A Renowned International Qualification:

O level is the worlds most renowned International qualification. It provides the students with the path which moves towards higher education in your own country or out of the country. Because, many universities all around the world needs a combination of A and O level qualified students to meet their admission requirements. Moreover, O level qualification helps in getting admission in  university at own country or abroad. It also helps in getting excellent career opportunities and qualities that help you to spend a meaningful and well-settled life.

So, O level system, especially designed for the International students. Because, it fulfills the needs of students from different countries and for students whose mother tongue or first language is not English. You can select more than 40 subjects in any combination to provide a pathway or platform to make your own syllabus or curriculum.


Furthermore, in O LEVEL system generally the students need to select 7-9 subjects for the O level examination with maximum range of 14 subjects. So, O level assessments take place after the completion of the course and includes practical, written and oral assessments. Students are graded by using six internationally recognized grades, from A* to E which have clear guidelines to explain the standard of  achievement. Grade U is commonly regarded as Fail. Moreover, grade A* is awarded or assigned for the highest level of achievement and grade E indicates the minimum satisfactory performance.

So, if you want to achieve the highest grades and is looking for a Lahore O’Level home tutor for your better guidance Call MJ HOME TUTOR ACADEMY IN LAHORE @ 03473343237 and hire the best, experienced and well skilled home tutors for your help. O level examination are held twice a year. The O level examination are held twice a year. Because, first session is held in June and the second session is held in November and the results are issued in August and January according to the respective sessions month.


The O level subjects are divided into compulsory and elective subjects in Pakistan according to the group offered to the students. O level system schools generally allow students to select or choose up to a minimum of eight subjects or you have to appear for five compulsory subjects. In which three will be the electives, the subjects you choose as your major subjects are the electives.

Compulsory subjects:

English language, Islamiat, Pakistan studies, Mathematics, Urdu are the compulsory subjects for Pakistani students.


In Science group there are two groups from which you have to select the subjects. 1st group or option includes: 4 elective subjects combination which are Physics, Additional Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.

In second group or option there is Physics, Chemistry, Computer Studies.


There are two groups from which O level students have to select the subject. These groups include:

Group1 includes Principle of accounts, Business studies and Economics.

Group 2 includes Economics, Computer studies and Principle of Accounts.


In Humanities group there are four elective subjects  combination which includes : Sociology, English Literature, Fine Arts and History.

So, choosing the right subjects combination is up to you and is all about your ability.

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